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Definition: boudoir - [boo-dwahr, dwawh] 1. A woman's bedroom or private sitting room

Boudoir photography is is of women and for women (and theirs to share!). Each image is created to express the intimate side of a woman's personality.

It's private, sexual, playful and fun. Each subject should feel confident in their sexuality, attractive - and in charge.

All the photographs on this web site are of women from a variety of backgrounds - none are models.

All of these women wanted one thing - a piece of art to represent the private side to their personalities that the world doesn't normally see. A bit of escapism from the daily routine of their lives, a set of images that they can be proud of and feel great about forever.

Each shoot is personalised and quoted on separately reflecting the booking of locations, make-up artists etc. Please get in touch to discuss what you might like.

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