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Entry #1, March 19th, 2020

Oh, my word what strange times!

I’m not the only one looking at the immediate future with trepidation, so how will we all cope together???

My diary is now empty – no exaggeration. I’ve had lean months before, but this is new: N O T H I N G
Events in the book have been cancelled daily in the last 10 days, organisers holding out until there was no choice but to sadly abandon their plans.

My wedding bookings have become fluid and uncertain.

At the beginning of this week I was asked to cover for someone forced to self-isolate on Holby City. Some work! Some income! Then they shut down production while we were shooting. We wished each other well, packed up and went home early. The feeling of unease was palpable.

It is easy to lose hope and experience despair – I had a panic attack halfway through all the cancellation emails.
I feel for people who regularly experience anxiety and hope that they are getting the support they need.

I worry for the health of my vulnerable family and friends.

Putting my pro-active hat on – what can I do? I can work on my business but there are many other hours in the many days I’ll have available in the near future…

So, while healthy and fit I will volunteer to help anyone housebound in my small town. I’ll do it on foot wherever possible, getting some exercise while I’m at it and reducing my fuel expenditure.

I can take photographs and show them to people online.

I will call and email people to make sure they are okay.

I will chat to the local businesses that are still open and offer them my support with a massively reduced photography package for when we can all start actively marketing our services again.

I will not panic buy.

I will thank all the checkout workers, shelf-stackers, refuse collectors, postal workers and all those others who are maintaining our way of life as best they can.

I will do whatever the medical experts advise.

I will write more grammatically questionable blogs.

Stay safe everyone, even socially distanced we are ALL in this together.

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