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Ingrid Weel speaking to camera in a screenshot with VIDEO CONFERENCING TIP #1 – YOUR EYELINE wriiten at the bottom.

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“Zoom” has become a verb.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, video conferencing has become an essential tool for ongoing business, networking, and socializing. I thought I would share a few tips on how to put your best face forward – especially in a business situation.

A lot of us – myself included – tend to watch ourselves on the monitor while we are speaking. We check out our hair and angle our face in the most flattering way.

To the rest of the meeting delegates, your eyeline is off camera while you are speaking.

Ingrid Weel presenting to screen with her eyeline off camera


The camera lens on a tablet or phone is miniscule and difficult to see.

To find it, look at your image and use your finger to point at the screen until frame is filled with fingertip – there is your camera!

Find your camera lens by pointing at it until your fingertip fills the screen


Put a mark just above your device’s camera lens, a bit of tape in the shape of an “X”, a red dot or a funny sticker will work simply fine – just do not cover the lens.

When it is your turn to speak look at that mark!

An "X" sticker placed above an iPad Camera lens to mark its position


This will guarantee you are looking directly at the people to whom you are speaking.

It can be difficult to get used to as you may be distracted by your monitor, but practice makes perfect. You could try covering the video screen with a bit of paper when it is your turn to speak.

General Advice:

If you are in a communal or noisy area, and you have a headset – use it.

Your wardrobe should reflect the situation. If you are at a business meeting and you are not sure, pop a jacket on.

If you are wearing shorts, remember to stop your video feed if you need to get up for anything!

Have your branding in the background – a pop up banner is great for this!

Have a pen and notepad ready for any notes.

If you are presenting a video or slides – have them ready and be familiar with the tech to start it seamlessly – PRACTICE before the meeting.

Let everyone else in the household know you are in a meeting and suggest they all be dressed....

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