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Portrait of 3 dogs in a row looking in different directions

Your Business Portrait Should be the Dog's B******'s"!!

“A picture is worth a thousand words….”

It's a very overused saying, however the truth of it cannot be ignored. Especially if your business relies on its public image to make sales.

At the most basic level, every businessperson should have a professional corporate portrait presented to potential and existing clientele.

It’s simply not good enough to use a snap on holiday or at a barbeque - I don’t care HOW good you think you look in it. An “Awaiting Image” icon of a silhouetted head would at least offer some mystery...

I know I know I know – you’re a sole trader. You work from your laptop at your dining table and simply cannot afford a photographer. Every expense must be carefully evaluated, and your investments must be qualified.

I’m in the same boat - so I pondered the situation and came up with a solution to offer sole traders a slice of studio time at one location on a specified day.

So, every quarter I set my portable studio up for a day at The Storage King in Brooklands, offering 15, 30 and 60-minute slots of studio time. Not just head shots - simple promotional images can be created as well - think outside the box.

Consider your public appearance - a £45 investment could be all you need.

Thanks for reading!


Black and White Portrait of a business woman

Portrait of a businesswoman


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